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Thanks for spending some time to take a gander at our portfolio! I hope you enjoyed everything. However, if you didn't, feel free to contact us and let me know how I could make your stay a little more enjoyable.


Anyway, if you didn't know, we are Gossamer. We fancy ourselves as people of many talents. We design. We develop. We even dance. Not professionally or anything, just for fun. We've been in the multimedia industry for some time now. Our passion lies in well designed applications that give the users a seamless and beautiful experience.


We work with platforms like Drupal and Wordpress. Our expertise lies in clean, user-friendly designs, that not only look good, but preform well as well. Attention to detail stretches far beyond design and into our codebase as well. We want to give our clients and their audience the best experience possible. If you're interested in working or learning about us more, please feel free to contact us.